Monday, December 13, 2004

Shooting Day 3 - 12/12/04

We arrived at the Old Paia Mill at 9:30am and started setting KHRINJ up in the largest room.

Some nice shots of the mill that day...

Patrick Dunne (1st Assistant Director) ran all the ac cables from our 3000W generator and set up the lights, playback and fog machines while I scouted the location. The KHRINJ guys started prepping by glueing rivets to their arms, temples and necks and pouring a mixture of Elmer's glue and water in their hair.

Hans (drums) putting rivets on Cayce's (guitar/vocals) temples and the guys wetting down.

I lit the band with one Omni coming out from behind one of the concrete pillars, a Rifa light on the floor in front of them and a Tota spotted on the drum kit. These lights were mostly to add a little warmth to the scene. I didn't want them to light the band too much as I allowed the sunlight to do most of the lighting. After getting prepped and making sure everything was ready, at about 12:30pm, we got started. I went for the long shots first because I had to go all the way around the building to get up above them. Patrick was on playback and smoke patrol the whole time. We shot a couple of different angles from above with my Steadicam Jr. and then I came down in for some moving shots and then some close-ups and mediums.

One of the long-shot angles and some of the B-Roll I shot of the mill.

We then began experimenting with my projector with my old Digital8 camcorder hooked up to it. Some of those shots are simply amazing and I'm gonna hold off on showing them to you guys until the video is completed...just hold your horses though, cuz that stuff is definitely worth it. In the meantime:

Here's Hans (drums) and Ian (bass) hammin it up between takes.

After shooting some supremely evil projector footage on the walls and some secret passages we found beneath the mill (which were exceptionally scary, but worth traversing), we got Patrick on the grinder and a piece of metal to throw showers of sparks on the guys as they played.

John (guitar) getting sprayed and Patrick (1st AD) enjoying his job way too much.

We ended the day at about 4:45pm after I got all the B-Roll I could handle...I could've stayed in there for another 8 hours...the place is a photographer's wet dream. All in all it was a fruitful day and we came out totally on budget so we were able to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and some beers at Colleen's in Haiku.

Here's a nice overview of some of our equipment and some of the guys while packing up and a nice one of Patrick (1st AD) who had gas all day.

NEXT STEP: Raising funding for the animated portion of the video. We will be recreating some of the stuff we shot of the guys in the barrel. Tom Richards will be the lead animator for this portion of the video and I will be the cinematographer. Shooting for that portion will not happen until January 8/9. The deadline for the video is February 1, 2005.


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