Thursday, February 24, 2005

Latest Update...


After a nightmare with the hard drive that the project was on last week, I have to start the entire editing process for this video from scratch. I lost about 40 solid hours of editing, thankfully no creative pieces, just the nitty gritty...a lot of it. I re-imported all of the footage, though, this last weekend and have started the cutting process again. Thankfully it is going much faster the second time around and I will be done with the first cut within a week or two. Damn I can't wait until I can do this shit full time so I can just get it done! It's a challenge juggling all of the things I have going on with my best projects like this. Someday it will all be better...I'm gonna get my blanky and curl up into a corner and take a nap now for the next 1000 years.




Anonymous said...

Bummer man.

That sux so hard -- I just had a hard drive crash at work... It's the worst.

let us know how it goes...


11:28 AM  

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