Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've got footage coming out of my freakin ears ova here...

Ok...ok...ok...I's been a while but I've been editing and editing and editing and can't seem to find the center of this video anywhere. I have come to the conclusion that I have too much footage (good footage) to cut into just a 3:00 minute video so I am going to cut the Rule of Steel video with all of the footage from the Mill, the welding footage I got of Hans and just get it done. I will be using the other footage (the stuff of the guys in the chamber for another video)...hence, we will be shooting more footage in the weeks to come.

Good news, though! KHRINJ has been working on some new material and from what I hear, it's HOT! So stay tuned and I will let you all know as soon as the Rule of Steel video is ready for your eyes and minds...

Tanx eh!



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