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Thursday, May 18, 2006

KHRINJ "Rule of Steel" Flash Video

**If you can't see the video, you need to download the latest FLASH VERSION

I just bought the Wimpy "Wasp" Player...actually, I just bought the whole Wimpy package! Well worth the $90 for all four players. I plan on doing a lot with this, including adding music/audio to my site.

Check out the flash video I just posted on KHRINJ's MySpace page. It may not be up yet because the band has to approve it, but it should be up soon.

I also bought the Wimpy AV Player a while ago and used it on the AIRLAB TV site. Cool app utilizing a playlist with a download option. I'm extremely happy with my Wimpy-ware and I look forward to pushing it to its limits...



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Love the video! It Rocks!


Posted by Garver Sentia | 6:37 PM   

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