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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Death of Style


This is the first in my series called "The Death of Style." This first piece is "Kirsten," who is a good friend of mine.

While my mom was visiting this last month, we took a photo excursion with Kirsten into the cane fields above "Jaws." The car she is hanging out of was actually the first one we came across and decided that it was the best after looking at about 30 or more other junkers...damn there's a lot of abandoned vehicles on Maui! Definitely had fun prospecting, especially the look on Kirsten's face when I would stop and look at one that was totally was priceless, that's what I should have been taking pictures of.

So I have this idea..."The Death of Style" which is a series of photographs taken with my Pentax 110 SLR, in which I scan the 110 frames in a 35mm frame, capturing two of the 110 images in one 35mm frame, including the frame numbers and edges. Very much like what I captured in the background image of one of the early versions of my website. I enjoy seeing two frames married to each other by their context in the exposed roll of film and the story that they create as a result of that.

In my attempt with Kirsten, however, this did not happen at all. The batteries that power the internal light meter were dead in my Pentax 110, which unfortunately meant that none of the photos taken with my 110 camera that day came out. Not ONE. I was disappointed to say the least, but had very fortunately slugged along my digital still camera as a backup.

The shot in the final piece is from my Sony Cybershot DSC-F707. I then scanned the blank 110 film on my flatbed scanner to get the frames and edge numbers. After some tweaking in photoshop to get the colors I wanted and get the frames the way I wanted them, I decided it needed something else to liven it up, so I scanned several dead centipedes, a dead cane spider, and a dead lizard whose skin was still partially on, but you could see the skeleton peaking through. After assembling several different versions and considering how this image should fit on the 12"X12" canvas I decided (with some help from my buddy Patrick Dunne) that it should hang diagonally). I filled the remainder of the space (the top and the bottom) with two of the other frame numbers I had scanned previously. Big ups to Patrick who's a total Photoshop geek...I had no idea it was as bad as it is...we'll get you help soon Patrick...thanx brotha.

I then printed the pieces onto ink-jet canvas paper and pasted them onto my canvas with matte medium (thanx AGAIN Patrick). I painted acrylic into the cracks and the sides of the canvas and proceeded to add highlights to certain areas like the eyes and lips, and even some of the darker areas to make them shine a little in the light. I then slashed some red across the finished piece to add a little charm...and character.

The piece is on display at Cafe Marc Aurel in Wailuku Town thru early September and is for sale for $199.00.



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Thursday, May 18, 2006

KHRINJ "Rule of Steel" Flash Video

**If you can't see the video, you need to download the latest FLASH VERSION

I just bought the Wimpy "Wasp" Player...actually, I just bought the whole Wimpy package! Well worth the $90 for all four players. I plan on doing a lot with this, including adding music/audio to my site.

Check out the flash video I just posted on KHRINJ's MySpace page. It may not be up yet because the band has to approve it, but it should be up soon.

I also bought the Wimpy AV Player a while ago and used it on the AIRLAB TV site. Cool app utilizing a playlist with a download option. I'm extremely happy with my Wimpy-ware and I look forward to pushing it to its limits...



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